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Environmental Board
Environmental Board
The Multi-functional Board’s non-reflective matte beige color surface is very suiting to the eyes with matching 7cm dark brown colour aluminium frame for easy wall mounting. These Boards are particularly very suitable for short- throw and interactive multi-touch projection.
Available in Standard sizes of 4x1.25m and 2x1.25m.

Other sizes available upon request.

The surface works very well with selected 100% non-toxic waterbased pens, ie. RED and BLUE color, easily erase with damp-duster(Cloth)


Waterbased Writing Pen Kit
The pens are refillable within seconds with economic packed ink supplies which enable to write 80000 to 100000 words and each pen can write 6000 to 8000 words! The ink is dry-resistant and enable dust free writing and end enviromental friendly.