After-sale service clause

After-sale service clause
Thank you for purchasing and using the products of JieChuang! In order to make our service more satisfied, please carefully read the after-sale service clause and keep it properly after purchase.
With the increasing competition in the market, the competitive factors have been improved from product quality optimization to after-sales service. A series of after-sales service system has been introduced in the domestic and foreign famous enterprises. The perfect after-sales service has become the standard of a brand.
Good after-sales service is one of the survival way of any companies , my company set up their own after-sales team and special commitments as follows:
Pre - sale service:
1. On-site investigation and analysis, to provide users with the recommended environment and the specific implementation of the program, recommend matching products.
2. Sincerely to explain the user’s any questions about the company's products.
3. To provide long-term friendly free technical advisory services to ensure that users of each product or technical issues can be the most satisfactory answer.
4. If you already have a part of the system, we will also provide system upgrades and improvements.
5. We will follow the principles of practical, intuitive and easy maintenance to provide users with comprehensive solutions and design solutions.
6. At any time to meet the user's sample visits and inspection requirements.
Sale service:
1. Actively provide users with information on modern information education technology, such as computer campus network, public broadcasting network, campus security, multimedia classrooms, teaching software materials and so on.
2. Timely and enthusiastic for the user to consult all kinds of teaching equipment and equipment prices and technical performance (such as: computers, network equipment, projectors, teaching appliances, etc.).
After-sales service:
1. Responsible for directing the installation and commissioning of the equipment and submitting the instructions for the use of the equipment at the same time as the delivery of the equipment, and the user can use the training to ensure that the user can use our products correctly.
2. To provide life after-sales technical support services for the system, to provide one year free maintenance services for our company's equipment , and provide maintenance replacement service.
3. My company after-sales staff will maintain a good attitude, polite language, warm attitude, sincere, for the after-sales service users to achieve 100 percent satisfaction in the after-sales work.
4. For the equipment which need to return to the factory maintenance , after-sales service will use fastest time to complete the product maintenance work to ensure that 100% achieve our commitment.
5. Our company will maintain contact with the user and pay attention to my company's products after-sales situation. We will actively to collect after-sales information in order to timely take the correct solutions and measures to ensure the normal use of the user.
※ Jiechuang Company promises that we will free to maintain any damage to the products caused by any non-human causes during the warranty period. But for the man-made or warranty period of product maintenance we will receive the corresponding accessories and labor costs according to actual condition ※